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I purchased a table and 4 chairs. I received the table and they REFUSE to return my calls or respond to my emails to let me know the status of those products purchased.

The stores are OBVIOUSLY going out of business although they claim they are "restocking the stores with new inventory".

Every telephone number for all locations now go to voicemail and again NO ONE has the courtesy to return calls.

The manager in the Fredericksburg VA (Ron or Rob) and Carla in the Hampton store were poor examples of "leadership" as they too kept no promise thy made to me.

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They are still open and doing good at the current three stores. I think they've turned things around. Currently working at their Atlanta locations.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #708686

8/29/2013 - Their website no longer works. Wonder if the company went bankrupt.

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Yes, they are closing down all stores.Only 3 currently left and it will be a blessing when they close these remaining stores.

Worst retail store around!

Bardi Faizy is the owner of the company and he lives in TX.DO NOT SHOP AT PARMIDA HOME!!!

Parmida Home - Don't shop with any Parmida


This company hikes up the prices.The same merchandise is sold elsewhere for much less.

The service is horrific. It seems a bunch of stoned kids work here. There is loud music in the store. It is dirty.

Also it seems the owner is racist and against women. I was told they didnt know answers to certain questions regarding the products they sell. They didnt care when I walked in. Just sat at the computer.

The only thing good there was the fact I saw an exit. I wouldn't spend a dime in this store and I'm telling everyone I know. I encourage you all to do the same. These Parmida stores are popping up here and there in several states.

Don't be fooled.They are overpriced and you can order anything they sell from

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This Company is a nightmare and the owner is everything that the comments below say.He hires people and pays them ridiculous wages.

He has no respect for his employees or customers. He buys cheap items from China and hikes up prices. He uses his employees and the stores are left with very upset customers with no customer services at all. I know people were expected to pay when or if they broke anything in the store.

He doesnt follow procedures with the way his coffee and food is served.

I health goes and on.

All of his stores have closed down and his employees often left with money owed to them.


Anyone know the corporate office number???

I no longer work for this company and they are refusing to give me my w2 form. The owner blocked my email. What can I do??


While shopping for our new house that had 3 empty rooms in need of furniture and accessories I came across this store Parmida Home.At first glance we were impressed but sadly that didn't last long as the costumer service was horrendous and the lack of knowledge and sales approach by the "manager" was short and abrupt.

As we continued to shop and we approached another sales person with a couple questions regarding a dining set, again disappointed by the lack of knowledge of the manufactures options.

Rude, sketchy, terrible service!We went around the corner to a wonderful shopping experience at Ethan Allen and furnished our 3 now beautiful rooms.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #732740

Stores in Chicagoland area have closed. Is the company closing down?

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #705939

Parmida Homes has beautiful furniture but if there is an issue you are on your own.There is not ONE person who has the ability to help you and their corporate office will not return calls.

Money well wasted. 8 months and no response.

It will cost me $1000 to fix what came damaged.

Dayton, Ohio, United States #625727

We shop at Parmida at the Greene, Beavercreek OH.Prices are very competitive.

We were pricing decorative clocks and wall decorations. For the identical items, Parmida was less costly, and in a number of cases, much less costly. Very friendly service. Just wish they had more lively items.

It is more of a period store.

We have probably spent $ 800 there since we discovered the store, last summer.A bonded leather ottoman, Eifel Towel wall hangings, preserved trees, and bowls.

Dallas, Texas, United States #622062

Our prices happen to be extremely competitive and we strive to carry unique items hard to find in other retail stores. I’m sorry you did not receive the service most commonly extended to all our customers and that you felt the music was too loud.

Regarding the owner being racist and against women I’m afraid you couldn’t be more off. Over 70% of our employees are women of all race and creed. I can understand an associate not knowing the answer to all the products we carry which can reach in the thousands but I work with their support staff and know an answer is only a phone call away.

I would like to issue a warning though. What you alleged regarding the owner of this company is considered slanderous not to mention false accusations. Please refrain from those types of comments in the future. If your shopping experience was unsatisfactory that is one thing and I would be happy to speak to you. In addition, it is common for a person to post anonymously because they are a disgruntled employee. Please contact our corporate office if you should have any further need to discuss this.

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Guess the consumer was right after are out of business!

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